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In 2023, new conditions for borrowing construction materials and formwork rental services have been introduced through collaboration with the Pocket Zero application.


Construction Development Center

In 2022, we were honored to be recognized as the leading building manufacturer.


"Evt Chuluu" LLC

Since 2006, "Evt Chuluu" LLC has been dedicated to building materials production and trade. Our factory employs advanced technology to process materials in accordance with standards such as MNS EN 206:2017 and MNS1185:1998, as well as internationally recognized benchmarks, ensuring a commitment to quality.

  1. Establishment of Evt Chuluu LLC in the field of building materials production.

  2. Opening of the block factory.

  3. Commencement of block production from the recycling of construction waste.

  4. Expansion of activities into the field of building formwork sales and rental.

  5. Inauguration of Evt Chuluu concrete batching plant.

  6. Initiation of production for dry mixes in construction, including white wash, exterior and interior black wash, tile adhesive, block adhesive, and foam adhesive.

  7. Successful and accident-free delivery of concrete to the highly complex area of the Dari Ekh tourist complex.

  8. Participation in the World Concrete exhibition and seminar held in Las Vegas, USA.

  9. Commissioning of the 2nd plant, leading to a capacity increase with the addition of two units for the production of 120m3 concrete per hour.

  10. Introduction of ISO:9001, 14001, 45001 international standards. Continued contribution to the country's development with a twofold increase in concrete production compared to previous years.

  11. Planned opening of a mountain mine 2 km away from the factory. Celebration of the company's 15th anniversary.

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