In 2006, Evt Chuluu LLC embarked on a journey in the realm of construction material production. Our
offerings included a spectrum of products ranging from 100-550 grade concrete mortar to exterior and

interior finishes like black wash and white wash. Additionally, we specialized in the production of
construction foam, tiles, block adhesives, formwork, and offered steel props for rental. Through these
endeavors, we played a vital role in the growth of Mongolia, particularly in the construction sector.
In 2020, we elevated our commitment to quality by adopting international standards, including ISO:
9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018. This step not only attested to our dedication to
excellence but also facilitated the expansion of our production capacity. This expansion, in turn, resulted
in the creation of over 200 jobs, marking our 15th year of sustained contribution to the country's economy
through consistent tax payments.
As a national manufacturer and constructor, Evt Chuluu LLC remained steadfast in our mission to foster
the development of Mongolia's infrastructure while upholding the highest standards of production and


Greetings and best wishes for your well-being and happiness on behalf of the entire team at Evt Chuluu
Founded in 2006, Evt Chuluu was established with a heartfelt aspiration to unlock the potential of
precious stones through the power of unity, symbolizing the creation of enduring quality. "Evt" signifies
unity and peace, while "Chuluu" means stone. Presently, we operate with two concrete factories, the primary building material, and an additional factory specializing in dry mix for construction. Our services extend to formwork rental, contributing to the creation of modern, comfortable apartments, enhancing social services, and collaboratively working on the construction of hospitals, schools, and kindergartens for the prosperity and development of our country. We are committed to continuous development, incorporating quality, advanced technology, and innovation. Our values include prioritizing customer satisfaction, adhering to legal regulations, ensuring labor safety, and engaging in environmentally friendly activities. To guarantee our sustainable development and enhance performance, we have implemented comprehensive management systems covering quality, environmental concerns, labor safety, and hygiene. We extend our sincere gratitude to all who have consistently placed their trust in us, provided support, encouragement, and contributed to our shared growth. Our success is intricately tied to yours.
G. Bayarjargal
General Director, Evt Chuluu LLC



● The satisfaction of our customers and clients is ensured by prioritizing the delivery of high-
quality services.
● Regular monitoring of processes will be conducted, and corrective measures will be promptly
implemented to address any inconsistencies.
● Dedication lies in the continuous improvement of overall operations.


● Obligations under environmental laws and contracts will be fulfilled.
● Every possible measure will be taken to prevent and reduce negative impacts on the environment.
● To enhance environmental awareness among employees, regular recommendations and reminders
will be provided, fostering a culture of responsible environmental practices in both their
professional and personal lives.
● Commitment involves constant improvement in environmental activities, with regular reviews of
the outcomes.

Occupational Health and Safety:

● All obligations dictated by Labor Health and Safety laws and contracts will be fulfilled.
● A systematic approach will be implemented to identify workplace hazards, prevent risks, reduce
potential dangers, and establish a healthy and safe environment.
● Through training, promotion, and management leadership, proper safety behaviors, attitudes, and
maturity will be instilled.
● A continuous improvement plan will be executed based on decisions and recommendations from
the Labor Safety and Health Council, comprising representatives of the company's employees.
● The Labor Safety and Health department will consistently refine its activities and regularly
review the achieved results.


Since 2013, we have served as a trusted partner to our customers, producing concrete—the fundamental
raw material for construction—through the operation of the Chinese Zoomlion brand concrete plant.

In 2019, we expanded our capabilities with the initiation of a second plant, elevating our daily production
capacity to 1200-1800m3 of BM100-BM400 concrete mortar. This expansion not only strengthens our
production capacity but also enhances our commitment to meeting the demands of our growing clientele.

Since 2014, Evt Chuluu has played a pivotal role in the construction industry by manufacturing dry
mixes. Our products, designed to replace imports, contribute to the sector while meeting the standards
outlined in the MNS - 6424:2013. This ensures that we meet market expectations, providing quality
solutions to our valued customers.

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